What Does The Number “5” Mean to You?

What an intriguing question.  The number 5 symbolizes man. It represents half of 10. It’s how many fingers you have (hopefully) on one hand and, who knows, maybe it’s the meaning of life.  All I know is that it represented a uniquely nested series of poop sandwiches that culminated in a very nasty case of indigestion that is this assignment.  That said, it was fun.

I wanted to explore the question of “5” in a more theatrical way, but resources and time pushed me in a more traditional direction.  I filmed this in a single take with a DSLR Canon T5i with an 18-55 zoom lens mounted on a tripod while I also filmed b-roll with my iPhone 6.  Unfortunately, the iPhone footage didn’t make the cut, but the idea was to cut different shots from the iPhone footage into the T5i footage, then sync up the sound in post.  I thought this would add some edginess to the finished product.  I think it would have, if I could have had a little more time.

In a side note:  In this clip Melissa appears to speak very openly about her brother.  I want to underscore that Melissa is an actress who was improvising a scene.  She loves her brother very much.


By A. H. Norton