Project 5 was challenging. It was hard to come up with a concept surrounding the theme “FIVE.” Also, not physically being in the video created another obstacle.

Here at Lane CC, I’ve been working with the Torch newspaper. As a photojournalist, I was given a photo assignment to cover the Donal Trump rally and protests on May 6 at the Lane Events Center. I equipped myself with a press pass and my Canon T5 with multiple lenses. I also checked out, from media checkout, a Gopro to mount onto my cap to get some video footage for the Torch’s online media.

It was surreal to attend Trump’s rally. About four thousand supporters were present in the convention center. Surrounding  the events center were over five thousand protesters and there was tension in the atmosphere the the entirety of the event. Hopeful Republican nominee, Donald Trump did a terrific job pandering to the audience and escalating the differences between supporters, protesters and the press. This lead to minor conflict on surrounding blocks of the convention center. It was a high tension, yet peaceful protest on Eugene’s behalf.


After a night that resembled an episode of the classic cartoons Animaniacs or Bonkers, I made it home in one piece. My next task was to produce a video clip under 2 minutes in length. With over 300 photos and 90 minutes of video footage of the night, it was difficult to trim down to 2 minutes, however I managed. I used Adobe Premier for post production. This was my first time using this program and I navigated Premier with little trouble. For future projects, I will build on my skills with audio fades and effects, titles, and organization. For this project I went with the theme of five facts to know when covering a Donald Trump rally. Watch my video if you’d like to know my valuable insight.

Thank you.


Jeffery King Osborns