The Five Buck Lunch

This is my “five” video for this video project. I wanted to capture a story within two minutes, instead of just displaying the top fives, or something. As you can probably tell, it’s more of a comedy skit than anything else. This is how I pictured “five” might be. Story time!

The story is basically about Athen, the main protagonist, wakes up from his five hour nap, only to find that it’s five o clock and he’s hungry. He’s so hungry, that he jolts out of the house and goes in pursuit of some food. The quest takes him down I5 and into the fifth city known as Springfield. Five Guys was originally his first decision, but he later changes his mind about it.

After a while longer, he comes across the holy fifth restaurant known as Taco Bell. Here, he decides to get his five buck lunch, a big box, with his five sauces, and proceeds to go back home. Luckily, nothing interrupts him on his journey back.

Once he gets back to his fifth fortress, he is reunited with his fifth evil twin. They go for a friendly high five, but it all goes wrong. Soon, Athen’s five buck lunch goes plummeting down to the ground, as he could only watch in horror. He becomes devastated at his loss and can only hold on desperately.

All hope was not lost, however, as he recalled the “five second rule.” Desperately reaching down at his torn up food, he quickly grabs it up and proceeds to eat. He cheers loudly in victory. The end.

For this video, I was aiming for a more comedic approach. I wanted it to be simple, yet funny. I was originally planning on doing it over the weekend, but life happened. I didn’t have time. Also, I’m sorry about the audio. For some reason, the audio didn’t want to be perfect while I was out recording.

I had to shoot it quickly, since people were going to get busy again. This caused for pretty poor one takes and could have gone better with more planning. You always have to plan ahead and make sure everything gets done well.

Overall, this was a very fun project to do and I would like to make more of these in my spare time. I’m excited to show this video off to my classmates, family, and friends.


  • By Tyler Plummer