Princess Pom Pom

With this project i was in charge of coming up with a idea for a video and actually tape it. I decided to make a anime inspired piece with all the cheesy stereotypes of a sailor moon cartoon. I had the cute heroine in her pink costume played by my friend Britney. I had an evil villain named Bob, who is the digital drawing group mascot. Bob was voiced by Allen Thomson. Allen also helped with lighting and some camera work, so that was awesome of him. then we have the cute future child of our two characters Bob Jr. Who came back from 5×3 years in the future voiced by me. This project was a lot of work but in the end it was really fun. I got to test out my lighting skills though it was on the spot. There are some places that i would have liked to change. I’m actually really happy with the product even if there are mistakes. I kept a pink light on Princess pompom the whole time to give a kind of magical essences about her. I changed the lighting on Bob a lot to show his different emotions much like in a manga. I hope you guys loved the cheesy story guys tell next time MAC OUT!