Notary 5


I had a lot of great plans for this project. However, we could not get Premiere to work at home so we were really pressed for time. We’d been sick also so I basically started on the last day we had to work on it. I was plugging along ok, then ran into some technical difficulties, things got deleted, etc.

Well enough of the excuses. When I thought “5” I remember when I was a notary. It sounds silly but it was really satisfying to draw a perfect 5. I even had a voice over recorded talking about that satisfaction. You have to find the little pleasures where you can when you work in an office. I was going to demonstrate that (working for an evil corporation) by putting in a picture of the Death Star and play the Darth Vader music.

It was going to end with the picture of May 5 and I had another voice over that said “May was the best”.

This project could have been really fun if I had a better handle on the technology. I guess it makes me excited for the final project now that I know a little more about it.

By Melissa Norton