5 things my cousin does for fun.

When I was thinking of ideas for this project I had a couple of ideas that did not work out, My cousin was helping with those ideas and I thought that I could film him being wacky and playing like he does everyday. He enjoyed helping me and had lots of fun, being wacky is his specialty. I wanted to show some of the things he does when he is bored or when he is done with his homework. I was using a T5 from checkout and it worked out great but I noticed I had a bit of shaky cam when editing the video. In at least three of my clips i’m shaking and it infuriates me! I was trying so hard to not shake but it translates poorly. Even with that I had fun clipping everything together and putting some fitting audio in with each scene. I feel like I could edit very well but i’m not to sure about the filming. With more practice I think I could get used to editing videos and I enjoy it but whether they would be my videos or someone else that did the filming remains to be seen. Hopefully I get a job someday that I get a chance to edit more.

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