P5 Image Editng

by Kahu Ekalani

I’m not sure why but I had a lot of conflict figuring out what to do for this project. I thought about taking videos of five people’s hands emphasizing the presence of five fingers. I considered creating a video listing 5 of my favorite photos I’ve taken but I knew it wouldn’t have been able to cover the one minute minimum duration requirement, so I decided to list a variety of photos I’ve taken of 5 different base subjects that I like to photograph. I used my prior knowledge of keyframing in Premiere to organize and shift the photos in a way I hoped was visually interesting enough.

I chose subjects I generally already had some previous photos of, realizing the things I unintentionally enjoy photographing. The majority of the photographs showcased were shot on 35mm film. I conveyed the point of the video with a numbered list to make it clear and chose a font I found tasteful for the context of the video. I used french orchestral music to put over the sequence because I wanted to give it a Wes Anderson feel. I also added some sound effects for comedic purposes.