Jade P5 image editing

This took me a couple of hours to make. If I had make a rough estimate, I say around three to five hours in total. It was really fun to make because I enjoy making stop motion. I struggle a little bit because the clowns didn’t want to stay up.

I had a lot of fun editing the sound effects and music. Editing took me one hour to do. My personal favorite part is the twin clowns. They’re were really fun trying to figure out how to do a flip. I also animated them differently from the others. Instead of setting them up on the wall, I set them up on the ground and changed the angle of the camera to make it seem like they sitting up and not laying down.

What i would change is the lighting to the last clown, Kiki. I tried really to fixed but nothing worked, And honestly, I didn’t to retake the shot. My legs and back was numb and sore with me sitting on the ground for hours. I’m really proud on how it turned out.

by: Jade Wilkerson