go count.

I wanted to use this video assignment as an excuse to work with different types of light-end visual effects and transitions that I had picked up from another class that I’m currently taking. There were a few rough moments, but when dealing with most of the issues that came into play, I was able to discover a work-around. In addition, I was often finding myself getting lost in options and possibilities. While this is not a bad problem to have, it is one that could have drowned me if I had let it. I needed to learn how to relax on the controlling aspect and let myself see the video in its entirety and not obsessively focus on its little pieces. So this was also a good exercise in learning how to make fast decisions and manage production time.

I enjoyed the fact that this made me want to go further in different areas of editing and video production. It was something that I did a bit of in high school, and I had forgotten how much passion I held for it. It’s been a beautiful thing to come back to, and I have a lot to learn. I’m looking forward to the work.

by: Erin Schooley