P5: Image Editing

5 “Healing” Places in Oregon

Talking about this project, I had fun when I was editing and reviewing the shots that I took. The idea came up when I was chilling in my room and was ruminating about summer. These places are beautiful healing places for my soul and they actually help me step out of stressful and depressing times. All of the 5 places in this video are in Oregon. If you have a chance, you should check it out. I used Adobe Premiere to edit videos, the frames, video transition and sounds. Since I filmed these videos on a portrait frame, it doesn’t look as good as the landscape when I posted on YouTube. I tried to scale this video on Adobe Premiere as much as it can and it does look better from the first video. There are multiple video transitions and audio transitions for me to apply between single shots, I used some of them to make the video look more smooth. Also, I downloaded the free music and added faded at the beginning on Adobe Premiere so it sounds more natural.I hope you like this video and please give me feedback!

By: Zoe