Warframe V

 This assignment was a lot of fun It was a simple process of deciding on what to do then I just hopped on the game and got started grabbing my frame its weapons, and the companion I wanted to use then went off to the mission. I did the mission collected some footage then came back to the orbiter and I repeated that about 6 times. I also decided to do a little bit of an intro so I went to the captura and created a little intro with the poster boy of Warframe Excalibur. The editing was a bit long but fine I had to trim a lot of little bits just to make it under the 2-minute threshold luckily I was able to keep some of the moments I wanted to keep mainly within the Alad V assassination mission. Plus with all that, there are a couple of references to other games In the video mainly being names of my weapons and companions of my choice.

P5 image BY: Joseph Reiter