P5-Image Editing

During my brainstorming phase, I had the number at the fore front of my brain and started to notice how many 5s there are around. For this project, I went around town looking for the number five and it was actually very fun to see the different designs of the fonts, colors, and styles. I thought I found plenty, but when I got home I realized I definitely did not have enough to compose a minute long video. I found many different fives online, and filmed them. Luckily, I liked the pixelated look of the screen. I like that the number five can be represented with things that are not (5). For example, a dime, Benjamin Franklin’s headshot, etc..

My friend, Sammy Pecora, made the song for me. I told him about the assignment and he had an idea for a song that would represent the rule of fives in music composition. I wish I was more musically literate to translate his work and process to you guys, but fortunately I have a direct quote from him explaining. “Each note represents 5 diatonic steps creating harmonies which are separated by 5 scale tones, or ‘fifths.’ These intervals create an open landscape which to some may sound beautiful or somewhat nostalgic.” This was a fun element to combine our interpretations of the number 5 in our individual mediums.