P5 – Image editing

By: Julia Hansten

For project 5 I decided to go with the 5 people in my closest friend group. 

The vision and goal was to make a video inspired by a title sequence or theme for a TV show, as you can see we didn’t really achieve that, at least not the vision I had in my mind.. 

I decided to do mostly still images because I thought it would be easier to match with music, but I also included a few short video clips. 

The music is from adobe stock and the pictures are taken at night with a relatively old iPhone so the quality isn’t top tier. I decided not to have a story or goal with the ”show” but to make it seem like a regular but really dumb sitcom. 

For the editing I went off a little bit.. I’m not super familiar with the software and haven’t done much editing in my life so I viewed this project as a good opportunity to mess around with different effects and transitions to learn more and actually had a lot of fun with it. 

Also, don’t worry, 5 Schmucks will not be picked up by HBO, Hulu or Netflix