Media Resources at LCC


The Equipment Checkout Located in Building 18
When Entering this vicinity I immediately was surrounded by many students and adult actively talking about the projects they were starting to create and equipment they were planning to use. This is definitely a place that gets its use.


The Blue Cyc Wall Located in Building 18
One of the easiest places for me to identify since it was in the same building as the equipment checkout, making my search for each spot just a little quicker than I expected.


Center for Student Engagement
A place I didn’t know we have, I was glad to notice the directory in front of the doors I walked in through or else I would have not known where to start in finding this spot.


Main Art Gallery
Again another place easy to find since there is a sign conveniently placed outside the building for all to know where they are.


The Art-O-Mat
I had no idea what I was searching for when I looked at the name of this contraption and it took me a good seven minutes of frustration to realize it was not a painting I was searching for but a machine that was right in front of my eyes the whole time.


Library Reference Counter
Another place that is easily accessible and easy to find due to the bold lettering plastered in front of it.


Large Silver Sculpture Outside Health and Wellness Center
The hardest place for me to find since I still don’t know the campus very well and because the map I do have of LCC does not have building 31 marked as the Health and Wellness Center but just the number 31. Finding this was probably the least amount of fun I had due to the fact I wanted to figure things out on my own and did not ask anyone for help.


Media Creation Lab in Center Building
A place a little hard to find if you are not looking for it but easy to go to when you realize where you are.


Judy Gate’s Office
A difficult find since there might be a flyer over the plaque indicating this is her office but other than that it is not hidden inside a maze and one that is not a journey to go to.


Teresa Hughes’s Office
Not a very hard place to find either since it is located inside building 18.


Flags in the Student’s First Building
The first thing you see when you walk into the building reminding everyone that goes in we are all from different backgrounds and cultures and are welcome to LCC.


Construction Shot
Even though it is a stand still shot I decided to capture this moment because it is one of the first times the sun has been out in a while and reminded me of the warmth back home in Huntington Beach.