Media Arts Resources at Lane Community College

1. Equipment_Checkout.jpg
1. Equipment Checkout

As this is my first year technically in the Media Arts program (I have previously taken some Media Arts classes, but was a Journalism major) I have not had the opportunity to utilize this resource yet. I am looking forward to it.

2. Blue ‘Cyc’ Wall

I had several opportunities to use this wall in the Lighting for Photography class that I took last winter, but I did not end up needing to use it for any of my projects. I will be shooting self-portraits in front of it this week though, for my Digital Imaging class. The blue should make it a lot easier to cut myself out for a composite image. The lighting in there is pretty fantastic too.

3. Center_for_Student_Engagement-1.jpg
2. Center for Student Engagement

I had actually never heard of this place, but it came at the perfect time of my journey, I was starving but trying to hurry and catch the next bus. The woman in there was very nice and pointed me toward a beautiful vase. I feel like I was not the only one who she pointed toward that vase and I think it was in an effort to avoid photographs taken of her. I respect that.

4. Art_Gallery_1.jpg
3. Main Art Gallery on Campus

I was in this building for both Newswriting and Photography class during my first term at Lane. I always liked checking out the new exhibits, and still do when I’m in the area.

5. Art_o_Mat - 1.jpg
5. Art-O-Mat

This thing is very cool, I cannot personally afford $5 for a small piece of art, but I really like the concept. I think these things should be in malls instead of (or at least along with) food/drink vending machines.

6. Library-1.jpg
6. Library

One of the most important and useful resources at on any college campus, I have probably under-utilized this library since I started at Lane. I don’t read many paper-books anymore; Most of my life has become digitized like so many other peoples. I do appreciate that this library that has Mac’s that dual-boot Windows for PC users. When I first started at Lane I was pretty new to Macintosh, it took some getting used to and I still prefer my PC for most things.

7. Silver_Sculpture-1.JPG
7. Silver Sculpture

I tried this sculpture from many different angles. When I first tried to shoot it, there was a guy raking leaves right in my desired shot. I ended up leaving and coming back, taking many shots from above and below, but this ended up being my favorite shot from inside.

8. Ingrams_Office.jpg
8. Ingram’s office

Ingram seems like a very nice and easy-going guy. This clearly was not his first visit from an Intro to Media Arts student. The girl in front of him ended up way out of focus, but I didn’t want to bug him any more by trying to get a better shot.

9. Media_Creation_Lab.jpg
9. Media Creation Lab

This is another place on this scavenger hunt that I did not know existed! Seems like a nice, quiet space to work on projects if needed, at least maybe a little quieter than out in the library. The outside of this room does not have the best lighting for taking photographs, and there were people working inside that I didn’t want to disturb. I did my best with what I had.

10. Judy Gates’ office

I don’t know Ms. Gates but it looks like she is super helpful. This photo is not posed at all. I think it turned out really good and showed her helping a student navigate Moodle.

11. Teresa's_Office.jpg
11. Teresa’s office

Hands down, the worst lighting of any location on the scavenger hunt. The natural light coming in from the window in back is much brighter than the fluorescent lighting in the hallway. This was the only angle I could even pull a shot off from without the sunlight destroying it. In retrospect, I wish I would have gone back on a cloudier day.

12. Students_first-1.jpg
12. Students First Building

I have to say, if the ‘flags’ part weren’t in the instructions. I would have had no idea where this was, I have never heard of it referred to as the ‘Students First Building’. I guess now I know. The sheer amount of flags in here is pretty amazing.

13. Construction_Shot-1.jpg
13. Construction Shot

This is a quick shot of the sculpture in front of the school. This was taken with my phone, because I forgot my camera this day. I may try to get another one with my Nikon in the morning on the way to class and update it. I really like this sculpture, because supposedly there is no concrete or glue or anything holding those stones together (according to my Photo 1 teacher), they just used a crane and wedged all the pieces together. That had to be very cool to watch.


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  1. Alison Counts

    The photo of the silver sculpture is so interesting! The angle you took it at was really creative. I also really like the image of the water fountain, the angle makes it really dynamic. Good job!

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