Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane – Scavenger Hunt

1 Equipment Checkout Counter
Equipment Checkout Counter – Bldg 18

My first stop was at the Equipment Checkout Counter in Building 18. I had to wait quite a while for the perfect shot, because it was closed most of the time. This is the only one photo I have with the window open!


2 Blue Cyc Wall
The Blue Cyc Wall – Bldg 18

Across the counter was Studio A with the “Blue Cyc Wall”.


3 Student Engagement Center
Student Engagement Center – Center Bldg

My next stop was the Student Engagement Center. I like how everything is tidy and organized. My kind of place. I was quite intrigued by the popcorn machine and it’s intricate gears!


4 Art Gallery
Art Gallery – Bldg 11

My next destination was in Building 11 with the beautiful Art Gallery. The soft faded lights made this place feel somewhat nostalgic.


5 The Art-O-Mat
Art-O-Mat – Bldg 11

Right around the corner was this cool machine. I didn’t even know a machine like this existed. Drop in five dollars and it can give you pocket-sized artworks from paintings to sculptures to poems, or any other art related pictures.


6 The Library
Library – Center Bldg

The library is one of my favorite places to relax and study at the same time, so this place was easy to find. What wasn’t easy was trying to get a photo without students being uncomfortable with their picture being taken, so I decided on this shot. It was the only way I could take a picture of the library without interfering with anyone.


7 Silver Sculpture
Large Silver Sculpture – Outside of Bldg 31

This was my favorite photo to take. I had my camera tilted upward with myself leaning against the sculpture. I love how the blue-grey clouds and trees are reflected in the sculpture like a mirror.


8 Ingrams's Office
Ingram’s Office – Bldg 11

I had an interesting encounter before I took this photo. I knew this was the room I needed to photograph, but I didn’t know would Mr. Ingram be comfortable with me taking a picture of his office without his permission. I had this whole conversation with one of my classmates and didn’t know that the man standing across from me was Mr. Ingram himself! He was standing there listening to every single word. That was the worst mistake I made that day! He walked over to me and casually introduced himself to me. I laughed nervously as I explained what I had to do for the assignment and he was just fine. I took one shot, thanked Mr. Ingram, and left before any more awkward situations could happen.


9 Media Creation Lab
Media Creation Lab – Center Bldg

I liked taking this photo of the Media Creation Lab, because it was totally empty. I could play around with the lights and shadows. In fact, I was the one who arranged the chairs to look this certain way. The black squares against the simple background, plus the added angle makes for a good abstract look.


10 Judy Gates's Office
Judy Gates’s Office – Bldg 11

Judy Gates’s office is one I’ve trip I’ve made several times. Here she is busily working on her computer.


11 Teresa's Office
Teresa’s Office – Bldg 18

On the way to photography class, I snapped this photo of Teresa’s office. How I wish my office looked this tidy!


12 Flags Building 1
Flags – Bldg 1

This shot was random. I was busy arranging myself to take this photo, so I put my camera down and it clicked. I happen to love this shot. It is the perfect angle and view!


13 Turkey Back Tail
Wandering Turkey – Campus

I had to chase the silly turkeys around campus before I got this shot. It seems like this turkey knew I had to take a photo of him, so instead of behaving nice, he turned his back on me. Well, at least the pattern on his tail is highlighted against the nice black pavement.






2 thoughts on “Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane – Scavenger Hunt

  1. Kyle Whitaker

    Great Images! I love that you got the equipment counter while people were checking out, makes it feel alive. I also really like the sculpture photo you got, the reflections are super cool.

  2. David Galbreath

    I love these pictures, they are all really bright and fun. i also love all of your captions on all the pictures, they’re fun and detail all of your adventures around the school.

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