Scavenger Hunt!

There I was, looking like a fool snapping a close-up picture of the Equipment Checkout sign…

Need some equipment? Come to the Checkout Counter!

It’s kind of hard to take pictures of the Studios when they locked! I had to ask someone to let me in…

Blue Cyc Wall…I get the feeling that I should not enter it…

Man, that’s a lot of resources! Thank you Student Engagement Center!!

This where I can get popcorn, right?

I am always amazed by the art in the campus’s own Art Gallery!

I can feel the artistic inspiration!!!

Can’t get enough art by just visiting the Art Gallery? Thankfully, the nearby Art-o-Mat can get you some art for five bucks apiece!

Whew! As a minor, I’m not forbidden by law to buy some art!

Hush!!! It’s the Library!

Looks like a nice, quiet spot to do some reading!

It may not look silver, but this in fact is the Silver Sculpture by the Health and Wellness Building!

You may not notice it at first, but the translucent green tiles are a nice touch!

There I was awkwardly taking pictures of someone’s door. In this case my victim is Ingram!!

Woah! Arts Division Specialist?! That sounds important!!

If the media creation resources of Building 18 just aren’t enough, I’m pleased to announce that there are even more resources located in the library!!

That’s a lot of fancy computers!

Yet again, I was making myself look like a fool by taking pictures of Judy Gates’s meeting sign-up sheet next to her office!

Judy Gates has become my camera’s victim!!

Next victim: Teresa Hughes’s office!

ROOM 222!!! Now that’s easy to remember…

Need help with figuring out where to start? Come to the Students First Building!

If you are wondering why I didn’t take a picture of the flags inside the building, the reason is because I didn’t feel like it! ?

I wanted to have find a turkey to victimize with my camera, but I decided to victimize half of the campus instead!

The Center Building has some nice views, doesn’t it?


6 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Monica Bustos

    Hi Colin! I’m really taken a back by your photos, I feel that you took completely different shots than me and decided to focus on subjects that I didn’t,. Thanks to your photos I think I see the campus a bit differently than I did before and discovered details that I didn’t notice were there previously. My favorite image was the one of the silver structure in front of the wellness center, the way you captured the light was really beautiful and eye catching. Awesome job again!

  2. Alberto

    The tone in the photos is really amazing They all have their own times of when you shot them giving them their own meaning. A perfect example of this is the silver sculpture glowing in the dark and emphasizing the glow in in the sculpture.

  3. Kyle Whitaker

    The close-ups are all very interesting and cool. In particular I like the caution tape blocking the wall, as well as the green coming through the sculpture. The bird’s eye view in the last image is really cool too!

  4. Hoa Mai Nguyen

    Hello Colin,

    Nice lighting on the photos. The way you wrote your post sounded like you were going on a quest which is cool. You’d be a great mystery writer!

  5. HL Nguyen

    I like how all of your pictures are different than the rest of the other scavenger hunt pictures. I especially love your silver sculpture picture. It looks very surreal.

  6. Johnny Bruton

    I really love how creative you were with your shots, I kind of struggled with that a little. I especially like your shots of the equipment checkout, the blue ‘cyc’ wall, and I particularly love the photo of the silver sculpture. Your captions are also great!

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