Must know places, for Media Art Students at Lane

First up is the Equipment checkout counter in building 18, the students working here are very friendly and helped me out with some camera tips. Be sure to learn their schedule if you ever need to check out equipment!




This is the Studio room with the “Blue Cyc Wall” in building 18, it’s used as a back drop for photo shoots and video recording. This place opened up in the Winter term so it’s still pretty new!











The Center for Student Engagement is where you can find information about school clubs, fun activities like board games, and popcorn!



The main Art Gallery on campus has different exhibitions all the time, one of my favorite recurring exhibitions is the “Annual Faculty Exhibition.”



The “Art-O-Mat” machine is a very interesting little machine, you insert a $5 and you can get a surprise piece of art varying from tiny sculptures to beautiful earrings and necklaces.



The library is located in the Center building in the second floor, it contains a large computer lab and friendly staff to help you with technical problems and how to find resources or textbooks.



The “Health and Wellness center” can easily be found on campus because of the beautiful, silver structure sitting in front of it. You can capture a lot of beautiful photos, by shooting the structure from different angles.



Ingram is our Arts division Office Specialist, you can find his office in building 11. It was my first time meeting him, but he seems to be very kind and approachable.



The Media Creation Lab is located in the Center building, inside the library. There’s usually plenty of room here, quiet and all adobe creative cloud programs are installed in all the computers. If you have a big multimedia project come here, the ram and storage in the computers can make your projects go a lot faster.




Judy Gates is our Media Arts counselor, she’s very kind and helpful; I wish I had gotten to know her sooner, since she’s been a great source of support for myself and others I’m sure.










Teresa’s office is located in building 18, it’s pretty easy to recognize because of all the little clay figurines lined up on her windowsill.



In building 1 the “students first building,” you can find lots of places and resources such as the “Gender equity center,” and the multicultural center.



Welcome to Lane! Hope you enjoy your time here!


4 thoughts on “Must know places, for Media Art Students at Lane

  1. Lucien Guidotti-Lawrence

    I like how you incorporated J.S. Bird’s drawing with the name of what the gallery in displaying. It gives
    a little information about the painting, maybe enticing someone to go there for a closer look.

  2. MaKayla Stumph

    I like the fact you took time to write individual details about each photo. They’re not too long, or short which I like. Some of your photo’s also have interesting angles and are fun to look at! I really enjoy the tiny titan on your last photo.

  3. Johnny Bruton

    Your photos all turned out great, I particularly like the photo of Ingram with the shallow depth of field, very creative! You photo of the art gallery is also nice, I love that piece and you did a great job of getting the ‘Annual Faculty Exhibition’ in it as well.

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