Lane Resources for Media Arts Students

1 Equipment Checkout_ 1055
Equipment Checkout counter.

The Equipment checkout place is in Building 18 where students usually rent camera gear.


2 Blue Cyc Wall_1141
Blue Cyc Wall

The Blue Cyc Wall is also in Building 18 and is in lab room A.


3 Student Engagement Center_1100
Student Engagement Center

The Student Engagement Center is in the center building and located on the second floor.


4 Art Gallery_1063
Art Gallery

Building 11 is the main Art Gallery.


5 Art-O-Mat_1120

The Art-O-Mat is found inside the Art Gallery is is to the right of Mr. Ingram’s office.


6 Library_1061

The Library is on the second floor of the Center Building and is on the left if you take the elevator.

7 Silver Sculpture_1071
Silver Sculpture

The big silver sculpture is right outside of Building 31. The silver sculpture is neat to look at up close because there are little engravings on it that almost look like the Japanese alphabet.


8 Ingram's Office_1124
Ingram’s office

Ingram’s office is located in Building 11 and he was just leaving his office so I didn’t get a picture of him in his office.

9 Media Lab_1126
Media Creation Lab

The Media Creation Lab is on the second floor in the Center building in the library.


10 Judy Gates Office_1068
Judy Gate’s office

Judy Gate’s office is found in Building 11.


11 Teresa's Office_1129
Teresa’s office

Ms. Teresa’s office is in Building 2 and is decorated with little trinkets on the outside.


12 Flags_1103

I took a picture of the flags in Building 1.

13 Turkey_1110

I was fortunate to find a baby turkey along with an adult one up close!


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  1. Alberto

    I like your photos a lot HL because they are very clear and detailed. Some of your photos are also different instead of just having a picture from the outside of Teresa’s class, you have a unique tool to demonstrate who she could be or what she is she into.

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