Scavenger Hunt


Blue Cyc Wall. 

You can totally climb the latter in this room if you have a camera in your hands.

Center of Student engagement 




This popcorn is F R E E, and pretty dang good.

Art Gallery

Wonderful works of art from students here at Lane.


I have no idea what this thing is or was used for.

The Reference counter in the Library.

where you can go to find help looking up or verifying a source.

Silver Sculpture

this piece of art has some cool quotes engraved onto it.

Ingram’s office

This dude is really cool about getting his picture taken!

Media Creation Lab

another room of computers in the library

Judy Gate’s Office

awesome counselor! very helpful with any scheduling needs.

Teresa’s Office

These ceramic sculptures are pretty cool! i love the cyborg frog!

Students First Building.

a beautiful display of nations flags from around the world!

a really mad turkey.

this turkey is not a happy camper as I chased it in and out of bushes…


2 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt

  1. Hoa Mai Nguyen

    Hello David,

    You did a nice job on all of your photos. A cool thing I noticed is the three most colours I see in your photos are blue, red, and green. I liked your comment on the turkey. Poor baby…I bet it got exhausted after getting the run of it’s life.

  2. HL Nguyen

    Hi David,

    Great photographs! I never noticed the words written on the silver sculpture before. I really like the way the sculpture acts like a giant mirror and reflects the building in front of it. Awesome shot!

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