The LCC Knowledge Network is a space where we can foster collaboration and communication within and outside our divisions amongst many different members with various areas of expertise.

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6-22-2016 Blog Network Updates Published 6/22/2016 in Lane Blog NetworkSecurity Update to Wordpress v4.5.3 Plugins Back WP Up v3.3.3 Decent Comments v1.3.9 Jetpack v4.0.4 Nextgen Gallery... read more→

There are environmental whackos out there... Published 6/20/2016 in Watershed MomentsThe new environmentalism… My last post took on interference with rational government regulation, and corporate denial... read more→

On the importance of environmental monitoring... Published 6/17/2016 in Watershed MomentsTime for some truthiness…watershedmoments has been on hiatis, but it is back and will continue… There are those in... read more→

6-15-2016 Blog Network Updates Published 6/15/2016 in Lane Blog NetworkPlugin Updates Widget Context v1.0.4 WP Slimstat... read more→

My final video Published 6/8/2016 in Intro to Media Arts   This is my final project for our intro to multimedia class. I was just going to do clips from the skate park, but... read more→

6-8-2016 Blog Network Updates Published 6/8/2016 in Lane Blog NetworkUpdated Weaver Xtreme theme to... read more→

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