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8-24-2016 Blog Network Updates Published 8/24/2016 in Lane Blog NetworkThis is actually a couple weeks worth of updates.  As always, if you notice any issues, let me know. Wordpress v4.6 (more info here) Plugins Antispam Bee v2.6.9 Back WP Up v3.3.4 Jetpack v4.2.2 Network Plugin Auditor v1.10 Network Post Extended v0.1.9 TinyMCE Advanced v4.4.1 Wordfence v6.1.14 Wordpress Importer v0.6.3 WP Accessibility v1.5.6 WP Cassify v1.9.6 WP Slimstat v4.4 Themes Twenty Ten v2.2 Twenty Eleven v2.5 Twenty Twelve v2.1 Twenty Thirteen v2.0 read more→

Our journey to and up the Eiffel Tower Published 8/17/2016 in Study Abroad As we climbed the Eiffel tower we saw some of the best views over Paris.  Along our way up we stopped to look down at the park where many people where sitting and laying in the grass. At this moment it began to rain and we watched the park quickly become empty. Soon, the rain stopped and by the time we reached the top, the sun was completely set and the city was all lit up. read more→

Free time in Caen Published 8/17/2016 in Study Abroad read more→

Staffing Schedule for weeks 9-11 are on the white board... Published 8/16/2016 in Testing Center Announcements Thanks! read more→

Published 8/16/2016 in Testing Center Announcements Dear Staff, Thanks for all your help these last few weeks while I have been so sick. I will be headed for New York to be with my mom since she was admitted to the hospital today, and I do not know when I will be back.  I will try to keep you posted when I can.  I left my cell # and the number in NY where I can be reached on a post it at the first check in station. Remember there is a staff contact list in my box and the ITS phone number is 541-463-5781, if you need to call your co-workers because you are running late and/or find a sub for your shift. On the back of the staff contact list I also listed... read more→

Timesheets need to be submitted online today before NOON Published 8/15/2016 in Testing Center Announcements Include all hours worked/to be worked through today (8/15). read more→

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