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Creature Spot Blog Published 10/24/2016 in Intro to Media Arts If there is one thing i enjoy doing it is creating monsters and if you enjoy monsters as much as I do then you will enjoy the blog Creature spot .com. On this blog people from all over post their concepts and ideas for monsters of all shapes and sizes. Monsters from hand drawn and colored with colored pencil to full 3d models and sculpts. These monsters range from cute and lovable  to large and grotesque... read more→

Bracketing Published 10/24/2016 in Photo 1part 2 – 1.4/20/50/3 part 2 – 1.4/”2/50/3 part 2 – 1.4/”1/50/3 part 1 – 5.6/100/100/2 part 1 – 2.8/100/100/2 part 1 – 1.4/100/100/2 read more→

P1 Bracketing, part 2 Published 10/23/2016 in Photo 1Guitar: Aperture 5.6 ISO:400 Focal Length: 24 Records: Aperture: 3.5 ISO:800 Focal Length: 18 Wooden Flag: Aperture: 4.5 ISO:400 Focal Length: 18 read more→

P1 Bracketing Published 10/23/2016 in Photo 1 read more→

P1 Bracketing, part 1 Published 10/23/2016 in Photo 1Aperture: 5.6, 4.5, 3.5 ISO: 400 Focal Length: 18 Comments: Its was a rainy dark day which made for some interesting lighting. read more→

P1 Bracketing Published 10/23/2016 in Photo 12016/ 10/23/ Sunday afternoon Wether : cloudy I don’t know which one is “Winged Lady”, so I just shoot anther sculpture. I went to school for short some pictures of exposure, and I used Canon EDS 600D. First, I used Av model and I opened menu to set bracketing options call exposure comp/AEB setting. It shows the exposure value.I try to find out what will happen when I changed exposure value to negative . I did not change in my... read more→

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