GroupWise Rules Won’t Migrate to Gmail

Many GroupWise users utilize rules to automate message handling. Gmail also allows use of rules to manage messages. Unfortunately, GroupWise rules (like vacation rules) will not automatically migrate to Gmail. If you’re using GroupWise rules to automate handling mail in your account, you will need to recreate the rules in Gmail after the migration. For example, if you use a GroupWise rule to automatically move messages to a folder and you want this to continue in Gmail, you will need to recreate the rule in Gmail after the migration has occurred on July 22, 2019. 

If you have questions about rules in Gmail please visit the Google G Suite Learning Center at

Information about adding rules to automate Gmail can be found at

Information about setting an out-of-office message in Gmail can be found at

You may also email the Gmail Migration Team at if you have additional questions.

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