Étretat was my favorite place that we went to during these three weeks here. When we arrived there, my friends and I decided to eat at one of the many restaurants there. I had pasta with Camembert sauce and Camembert slices on top. It was sort of like fettuccine alfredo but way better! Once we finished our lunches, we went to the nearest ice cream shop. Ice cream is always an essential part of our excursions. As I looked at all of the many flavors, I realized how difficult it was to chose. I  decided that lavender and violet flavored ice cream sounded the best. We took our ice cream and hiked up the hill to the church that was at the top. When we reached the top, I was amazed at the beauty that this place holds. It was breathtaking! We spent some time on the top, looking out at the ocean and taking pictures. We then saw a building off in the distance that we wanted to check out. As we got closer to the building, we discovered that we couldn’t go inside, that was when we saw people climbing down the other side of the cliff. We decided to follow them, and found that the path led all the way down to the water! What a surprise! I was so happy that I got to get close to the water because it was so hot. I needed to get my feet in so I took my shoes off and stood in the cool ocean. When we were climbing back up the stairs, we discovered a cave that went through the mountain to the other side. We were curious as to where it went so we went one by one into the mountain. We came out on the other side and realized that it was a beautiful beach that we had seen earlier in the day but never knew how to get to it. We just stumbled upon it! The beach was filled with these beautiful rocks with many colors. It kind of hurt to walk on them but it was so worth it to take my shoes off and walk in the beautiful ocean. We spent the rest of our time here, sun bathing and taking in the amazing view. Days like this make me realize how truly beautiful the world is. I will never forget this adventure!