Updates to Jira Notification Scheme and Permission Scheme

Between yesterday afternoon and this morning I have made some changes to the way Jira sends notifications (some of you may have noticed it sends an email for pretty much EVERYTHING!) and some of Jira’s default user permissions.

  1. Jira’s default behavior is to auto-watch a user every time they look at an issue.  This has been disabled, so, from here on, you can look at projects and issues without then being inundated with emails for the rest of your life.
  2. Jira’s default behavior is to send an email to issue watchers everything time ANYTHING changes.  So, you add a comment, everyone gets an email.  You forget a comma and go in to fix your bad grammar, everyone gets another email.  This has been fixed.  Jira will no longer send email for issue updates.
  3. When we originally set Jira up, we gave way too much access to “anyone who is logged in”.  Basically, we figured if you’re logged in you should be able to see everything and even add issues to projects even if you weren’t assigned to the project.  While this hasn’t been abused, it’s unnecessary.  All logged in users can still browse projects and see what is going on, but you now have to be assigned to a project in some way in order to monkey with issues and things of that nature.  Not a huge security change, but should make it easier for project leads to make sure issues in their projects are legitimate.

As always, let me know if I broke anything for you.  Or, better yet, let me know if Jira is annoying you in some way.  I can fix most annoying behavior.  I just need to know what the annoying behaviors are.