Student Research From Spring 2020

In ENG 104_H Introduction to Fiction – Honors, the students in the honors section and the students in the non-honors section were in the same class. The honors students, however, produced a final literary analysis project that included a multimedia presentation and a final essay on a graphic novel of their choice.

John Adair’s Presentation

Jessry Smith’s Presentation

In WR 227_H Technical Writing – Honors, students participated in the regular section of the class, conducting individual research to determine whether Prezi or PowerPoint was the best presentation software for technical writing students at Lane Community College.

The primary differences in their assignments were an extended annotated bibliography and a reflection on their research experience. Below are the honors students’ reflections:

Sophia Brownlee’s Reflection

Damian Carreon Ilboa’s Reflection

Isaiah Contreras’s Reflection

Natalie Ferguson’s Reflection

Grace King’s Reflection

Vi Truong’s Reflection

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