Life Flight Training Exercise

Life Flight Training Exercise April 30 at Lane Community College

EMS students were invited to watch, learn, and participate in a joint Life Flight Training Exercise with Lane County Sheriff’s Office Regional Reserve Academy, Search and Rescue (SAR), Police Agency Reserves, Public Safety, and C-CERT (Campus Community Emergency Response Team) on April 30th, 2015.

The training scenario involved a mock vehicle crash scene with one patient needing to be transported by Life Flight. The helicopter will flew in, landed in the prepared landing zone and will loaded the patient. The helicopter circled the campus and returned to offload the patient as if at a hospital; and shut down for a debrief with the participants. SAR and C-CERT participants cleared and maintained the landing zone, while LCSO guided the helicopter; EMT/Paramedic students provided stabilization medical care transitioning the patient to the flight crew, assisting with the load and offload the patient.

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