A Global Conversation About OER

In anticipation of our time together on Thursday, 2/5/15 in the CML at 3:00, we have some more materials that can help shed more light on Open Educational Resources  (OER) if you aren’t as familiar with them as we may be. If you are starting at zero, Creative Commons has a good point of departure to help define what they are. The New Media Consortium has a good overview in this PDF as well, approaching it from the standpoint of how libraries can play a role in partnering with faculty when they look at adopting OER.

We have a bit of a history using OER at Lane and are perceived as a leader in the way we’ve encouraged faculty participation in the adoption of OER in classes. While this has been a great start, we have only just begun and are looking how the college should move forward.

In addition to the materials we sent out on Monday, we’ve added a few more to see different perspectives on OER from students and faculty at Lane.

Students Discuss Their Experiences with Open Educational Resources (OER)

Faculty Discuss Their Experiences with Open Educational Resources (OER)

Results from an ASLCC survey of students on main campus in the Fall of 2014. This was a face to face poll of the Lane student body, originating from the work that ASLCC had taken amongst themselves to do.

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    1. Thanks for visiting them Cathie. Before we posted them, we sent off the request for captioning. The videos should receive the captions in a few days. In the meantime, if you’d like to help us out with them, we’d appreciate any assistance we can get. 🙂

  1. With more instructors going to OER’s what do you see as the bookstore’s role in supporting the students and their education with this change?

    1. Good Question! By our own bookstore director’s admission, the margins on textbooks is razor thin. The bookstore does better with sales of college sanctioned merchandise, snacks, electronics etc. That said, we can still find a middle ground. Many OER textbooks can be purchased in a physical format for significantly less than traditional publisher based texts and still be a viable product for the bookstore to sell. We can also coordinate cheaper printing of OER materials that could be purchased as course packets, which ties in with the Printing and Graphics department that also happens to have the same manager as the bookstore.

  2. The Titan Store must be compliant with the HEOA (Higher Education Opportunity Act). This means all instructors using OER’s for their class materials need to be formally “adopted” so students can make the best decision on choosing the classes they need. Even if the OER is just a URL we have found away to add the OER to the Titan Store website and shelftags. If you would like to see an example, go to the Titan Store website select Fall 15, Class CG 203 and CRN 22132.

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