Guided Pathways Student Profile: Savanna Ferguson

Savanna Ferguson came to Lane in 2021 to work on her GED.  She was motivated to come back to school after 11 years to be an example to her three kids.  She wanted to show them that starting something, working hard, and following your dreams will get a person where they want to go in life.  In addition to her kids, she has her family and her boyfriend who have pushed her to stick with her studies even when it was difficult. She sees her success as a “joint effort.”

At Lane, she found instructors who helped her persist, cheered her on, and helped her transition to credit classes.  Now a Peer Mentor, she assists students in their transition from non-credit to credit classes.  “No matter how hard it gets, keep trying, ask for help, go see your instructors, and you will succeed,” says Savanna.

Savanna is enrolled in credit classes and is working toward an AAOT.  When she graduates from Lane, she will transfer to OSU to study geology with the goal of completing a bachelor’s degree and working as a geologist with the Forest Service or going onto Graduate School.  Let’s all wish Savanna the best of luck as she continues to pursue her dreams!


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