A Digital Story for Geology

10651050713_867b617e6d_cTime Traveling at Cape Arago: A Meditation on Geology and Human Scale

My husband Peter and I visited Cape Arago last weekend, and I became fascinated with photographing the remarkable rock formations, features, and detail there. With a little research, I learned a lot about the deep history of this remarkable place.

The result is a digital story similar to one which any student might make for a geology class, photography class, or writing/research class.


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6 Responses to A Digital Story for Geology

  1. John Watson says:

    Beautiful, Sandy! I’m ready for another coast trip now. This is so inspiring!

  2. Such a beautiful picture spot

  3. Mega Setiani says:

    nice picture, I hope to do a trip like you

  4. mega says:

    i love sunset !

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