Retiring Netstorage, Use Filr instead

Lane has moved away from using Netstorage in favor of a more modern application called FILR.  When you try to visit to interact with your network drives, you will now be automatically redirected to  You should update any shortcuts or favorites you have saved in your browsers to be sure you always have quick access to your files.

Netstorage and FILR are both simply portals to the network drives that you have access.  None of the files you have saved through Netstorage have been lost due to this change.

Logging into FILR uses the same username (last name first initial) and password as Netstorage.
Once logged in, you can see all your network drives under the “Net Folders” link at the top of the screen.
Please contact the helpdesk @ x4444 or for further assistance.