Haley Johnson – P5 Image Editing Assignment

This P5 Final showcases my audio sculpture from MUL103, expanded into video with a 5 handed monster.

This project was a learning experience through its entirety. Between mixing audio in Adobe Audition to video editing in Premiere, it became a slightly daunting experience because I am a novice in both programs. There’s always a learning curve to tackle but I was able to quickly find the fun in the assignment once I figured out how to navigate the programs for my needs—seeing it come together was the most exciting—but because I was so new to Premiere, it took me twice as long as I expected. There were a few effects I wanted to add in but couldn’t figure out how to. It was also difficult getting the audio and video to line up. I went through a lot of trial and error and back and forth between the programs to get them to match. Even with that extra effort it is still certainly not perfect. 

My main goals as I progress is that I get quicker in my process and can learn even more in depth effects to make my editing ability much richer. That being said, I am still satisfied with the end product based on the time I allotted for the project. I hope the love I have for the Tears of the Kingdom game is palpable through my effort. 

(The Youtube upload really tanked the quality and I wasn’t sure how to fix that.)

By: Haley Johnson