2020 Site Archive now available

While I know I’d promised to put most blog content on pause, I wanted to make a quick post about the availability of our new site archive.

Every once in a while, we create a snapshot of the entire www.lanecc.edu website. There’s a couple limitations to that. We can’t capture:

  • Files that aren’t linked from a page somewhere
  • Pages that aren’t linked from another page
  • Pages that are password protected
  • Some of the dynamic content (for instance, all the forms are disabled)
  • All of the changes that have happened since the last archive.
  • corrections to broken links (there were about a dozen internal links that are broken)

This type of snapshot, created using httrack, creates a standalone site that isn’t dependent on a content management system, meaning it’s very resistant to security problems, and is the only real option for creating a semi-permanent archive. I say semi-permanent, because while I intend to keep this archive up as long as possible, it’s possible, if not likely, that changes in browser rendering  will eventually make this archive difficult to view as intended.

This year’s archive will allow us to remove a bunch of old  content from the website, to further prepare for our new website. It also sets us up for splitting all the employee content out of the website: the current Lane website is monolithic, but under the new site, we’ll have audience specific websites.

Check out the 2020 Site Archive

Looking for an older archive? (you should! There’s some gems in there)