Guided Pathways AY 2021-2022 Annual Summary


Guided Pathways

2021 – 2022 Annual Summary


This is a summary of Guided Pathways work during the prior AY 2021 – 2022,  and a look forward to ongoing progress in AY 22/23.


Default Academic Plans

 Lead: Edgar Rosas Alquicira

Faculty members, academic advisors, and curriculum staff built and reviewed default academic plans (DAPs) for transfer programs, 1-year certificate programs, and 2-year certificate programs. Drafts were reviewed by financial aid staff and degree evaluators. This collaboration ensure that DAPs take all information into account and provide an effective tool for students to progress toward their transfer and completion goals.

The DAPs for 38 transfer areas and 10 CTE programs were started, meaning that faculty, advisors, and curriculum staff met and created an initial draft. DAPs for 17 transfer areas and 6 CTE programs were completed, meaning all feedback was reviewed, incorporated, and approved by the content faculty member(s) and the plan has been entered into Degree Works for use by advisors and students.

During this coming year, we will focus on completing remaining DAPs in transfer and CTE areas, entering DAPs in Degree Works, and supporting advisors and students in developing Individual Academic Plans (IAPs) tailored from a DAP to each student’s interests and goals. We are also looking forward to working with content areas on a second phase to develop DAPs for various student situations, such as part-time enrollment or including development education in the DAP.

First Year Math and Writing Team

Leads: Steve Selph, Math Faculty,  Ingrid Nordstrom, Writing Faculty

During AY 21/22, a team began the multi-year process of working toward the goal of creating an ideal future student experience in which students identify the starting point at which they will be most successful for math and writing through a compassionate, validating, and encouraging process, and are supported throughout their experience completing program-level math and writing. The team engaged in research of options, assessment of current practices at LCC, and developed recommendations to improve placement and program level completion in math and writing. These recommendations seek to improve the student experience for these gateway courses through course-embedded tutoring, curriculum updates, co-requisite course offerings, and a seamless transition from non-credit to credit classes.   

In the coming AY 22/23, the recommendations of the team will be vetted through areas of the college as appropriate for the specific recommendation, and implemented to the degree possible.

Holistic Student Supports

During AY 21/22, a team comprised of members from academic and student affairs members created the following vision statement for Holistic Student Supports (HSS) at LCC: 

Honoring and responsive to a student’s cultural beliefs and needs, Lane will provide comprehensive personalized services to them that empower and support all students toward their educational goal. The role of Holistic Supports is for employees to have authentic and meaningful interactions with students to provide comprehensive and culturally appropriate support to them as a whole person.

In the coming AY 22/23, watch for information about the implementation and coordination of HSS across areas of the college.

Early Momentum Metrics Dashboards

The Guided Pathways Data Team, Institutional Research, and the Guided Pathways Core Team researched, designed, and produced a set of publicly available dashboards to illustrate Lane students’ progress in nine critical areas. These metrics, known as Early Momentum Metrics (EMMs), are closely aligned with a student’s ability to persist and complete their course of study at Lane. To view the dashboards please visit and open the “Guided Pathways Metrics” tab to find the links to the dashboards.

Timely Information Promoting Student Success (TIPSS)

Seven editions of TIPPS were published during AY 21/22. In addition to being linked below, you can find these and previous TIPSS on the IR website. TIPSS are provided in the hopes of stimulating considerations of, and conversations about, aspects of Lane’s student success data. We encourage thoughtful and reflective discussions with colleagues about various TIPSS topics.

TIPSS #40 – Re-Updating the Pipeline: Writing       

TIPSS #41 – Re-Updating the Pipeline: Math      

TIPSS #42 – Completing Gateway Courses during the Student’s First Year

TIPSS #43 – Oregon Promise and Lane’s First Year Experience       

TIPSS #44 – Student Feedback from Lane’s First Year Experience

TIPSS #45 – Transfer Rates       

TIPSS #46 – The Lane Index 2.0                              



During AY 21/22, five profiles of students, faculty, and staff were published in the Lane Weekly and on the Guided Pathways blog. The profiles included:

March 3, Francesca Critelli, Student Highlight

March 12, Kate Sullivan, Faculty Highlight

April 12, Katherine Kaylegian, Classified Staff Highlight.

May 17, Dawn Whiting, Manager Highlight

June 1, Matt Wakefield, Graduating Student Highlight

We are looking forward to continuing these profiles in the coming year. The purpose is to showcase the experiences of students, and student success work throughout the college.


Spring Conference, 2022

During last year’s Spring Conference, four Guided Pathways sessions were delivered:

Default Academic Plans at Lane Community College

Presenters: Claudia Owen-Earth and Environmental Science Instructor and Faculty Coordinator, Rick Glover-Earth and Environmental Science Instructor and Faculty Coordinator, Edgar Rosas Alquicira-Biology instructor and Guided Pathways and Ted Calcaterra-Academic Advisor.

Watch the video of this session here.

Early Momentum Metrics at Lane – Guided Pathways Data Dashboards Tour and Discussion Presenters: Jennifer Frei, Cathy Thomas, Edgar Rosas Alquicira.

Watch the video of this session here.

Humanizing the First-Year Experience: A Conversation with the Guided Pathways First-Year Math & Writing Team

Presenters: Ingrid Nordstrom, Writing Faculty and Stephen Selph, Math Faculty — co-leads of Guided Pathways First Year Math & Writing Team.

No video available.

Understanding, Creating and Utilizing Holistic Student Supports

Presenters: Jane Reeder, Potentially: Justin Chin, Ellen Osterkamp, Jenn Kepka, Carl Yeh, and Rosa Lopez.

No video available.


FINAL 2022-10-03 Guided Pathways AY 21-22 Year End Summary

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