Green Office – Mathematics Division

The Math Computer Lab is ran more efficiently to help reduce Lane's carbon footprint
The Math Computer Lab runs on less power, aiding the college with reduced gas emissions

Mathematics recently became the second division to receive the Green Office Certification with 20 out of 25 Math Computer Lab Math Computer Lab points. Employees in this Division are really doing their part to reduce Lane’s greenhouse gas emissions! To save energy, the Math/Engineering Computer Lab’s computers have the shortest time out session at Lane. After just 30 minutes of no activity, the 36 student machines shut off and the Division trains students to shut down the computer and turn off the monitor after each use.
       In Math Resource Center Testing Rooms, only ½ of the computers are turned on at the beginning of the day. Additional computers are only turned on as needed. To reduce emissions from commuting, over 30% of Math employees carpool, walk, bus, bike, or telecommute at least two days per week.

Administrative and Technology Specialist, Robin Geyer, acted as the Math Division’s Sustainability Ambassador and took the lead in determining for which points Math qualifies and toward which they will work. Of her experience working on the Green Office Certification, Robin said, “What a pleasure it is to work with such a large group of caring and aware individuals. The people of the Math Division are very good at educating their students in math and also serve as examples of how to be good stewards of our environment! Thank YOU!!”

The Green Office Certificate honors the Math Division with a certificate
The Math Division receives the GOC Certificate

Other sustainable practices in the Math Division include:

  • Collecting all single-sided used paper, cutting it in half, and using it for scratch paper in the Math Resource Center Tutoring Labs. [If you collect paper that has only been used on one side, the Math Division will take it from you and use it!].
  • Saving files on department server rather than having multiple people have multiple paper copies of things like syllabi.
  • Having only seven networked printers for 100+ employees saves energy, reduces resource use, and helps improve employee wellness.
  • Using tap water and washable drink containers rather than disposable cups or bottles. In fact, the Math Division even went so far as to purchase ceramic coffee mugs and cloth napkins to use at the annual Math Skills Fair.
  • Considering sustainability factors when making purchases including looking for products with recycled content and reduced packaging.
  • Division Dean, Kathie Hledik, was excited that Math received the Green Office Certification. She said, “One of the first things I noticed when I came to Lane two years ago was the emphasis on sustainability, particularly in the math division. I’m very proud of our faculty and staff for giving this core value such a high priority, and for making the extra effort to obtain the Green Office Certification.”