Getting access to edit pages on the website

We’re making an effort to bring this blog back! Wanted to start today with a quick note about getting editing control of your website.

On the old website, pages were organized into “folders”, and we’d provide access to the entire folder at once. On the new website, access is actually set on a per-page basis. This is a bit of a pain for us, since it means we need to add users individually to every page, but it opens a lot of flexibility for you.

There’s a couple areas where we’re still trying to work out how editing permissions are going to work. The first has to do with pictures & uploaded files. The media system on the new website is wildly different, and I’m still not sure how to assign permissions correctly. We can still provide permissions to pages with images, but it sometimes takes some work to make it happen, and so far there’s no way for most people to upload images or files to the site.

The other area is the types of pages that are available to edit. Most standard pages can be edited, but program pages and steps to enroll pages are  two where we’re not assigning permissions yet. For now, please continue to route those through us.

If you’d like to get involved with making edits to your site, reach out to and we’ll help you get started.