Friday Discussions, Session 3: Course Design and Layout

We had a great Friday Discussion last week that centered on course design and layout. 40+ people were in attendance! Up for discussion–One of the regular themes in online student feedback is that consistent course design across online courses is essential to their success. 

We jumped right into the thick of things and took at look at the ID Services OSCQR course templates in action. Several instructors so kindly shared their courses with us and we were able to address the following questions:

  • Is the course design intuitive and easy to navigate?  
  • Is the course cluttered with a lot of various files and links?  
  • Are the instructions on what the student is to do clear?  
  • Do all the links in the course work and provide for easy navigation back to the course? 

As promised, here is the link to the Session 3 presentation
Note: We cannot provide links to the courses that were used in the demo.

Other resource links from the presentation:

Be sure to join us this Friday, May 22, 1-2pm, for Session 4: Building Interaction in Your Course. You can also join us for our Instructional Design OPEN Office Hour. Join the Zoom Meeting

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