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4 thoughts on “Faculty Council Forum Topics Suggestions

  1. Lee Imonen

    State Wide Higher Education Funding Reform.
    Organizing the community, Faculty, Staff, and Administration/ around a consolidated effort for real change in funding at the statewide level.

  2. Leslie Greer

    I would like to hear some discussion regarding weapons on campus. It is my understanding that students are allowed to come to campus and class with weapons, including guns (either concealed or not), providing they have a permit. However, the LCC security personnel (whom we will call if these weapons are threatened to be used) are not allowed to do so. This seems ludicrous to me – on both points. It seems that if other schools can prohibit weapons on campus, we should be able to do the same. I understand the second amendment – but also understand the rights of all students and faculty to feel safe in their classes and places of work.

    If this is not the appropriate venue for this conversation, please direct me to the correct place. Thanks.

  3. Jody Anderson

    I would like to see a discussion of the hiring process and the role of selection committees on this campus. Also, a discussion of how we as a college appear to candidates and potential hires because of constraints placed on committees. I will try and get more info–such as laws regarding hiring processes–if we decide to discuss this.


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