Please provide feedback on high priority recommendations

Not Prioritized. Numbered for reference

Recommendation Purpose Recommended by BP 325
1 Reaffirm commitment to shared governance. Acct DS, GSC, GTF, Councils 3,5,6,A
2 Intensive governance training for Chairs/Vice-Chairs, governance PD for all council members. Identify responsible parties. Comm/Clarity/ScopeAcct DS, GSC, F 1,3,4,A
3 Convene Policy and Procedure team w/support to clean up the policy and procedure system Comm/Acct DS, GSC, C/VC, Councils 1,3,4,6, A
4 Support adequate compensation/release time for governance participants and other substantive work in context Comm/Acct DS, GSC, F, OD 4,7, A
5 Provide administrative support for each council – maintain agenda/minutes, etc. Communication DS, GSC, F 4,7, A
6 Council planning on hold except AMP, FMP, SEMP Efficiency/Scope GSC, C/VC, F 3,5,6 A
7 Review all college-wide committees and realign within governance where appropriate Acct/Efficiency GSC,DS, OD, GTF, F
8 Reaffirm commitment to accountability for implementation and evaluation of  council work. Acct GSC, C/VC, F 3,5,6,A
9 Create an Accreditation Steering Committee under College Council to ensure accountability to governance Acct GSC 3,4,5,6,7,A
10 Create a communication process for governance, including campus-wide notification of new and updated policies Comm DS, GSC, F 1,2,4,5,


11 Decision Making Process – need to improve clarity around processes related to recommendations and decisions. Where do/should decisions happen? Comm DS, CC, C/VC, 1,2,3,6
12 Representation – increase by applying the Equity Lens throughout governance system. President

BP 325
1. Clarity;
2. Wide and explicit communication;
3. Effectiveness;
4. Efficiency and timeliness;
5. Processes that encourage employee and student participation in problem solving and decision making;
6. Processes that assure that decisions are made at the appropriate level, by the appropriate group with the needed expertise; and
7. Recognition of the support needed for employees and students to participate and contribute meaningfully.

Recommending bodies:
(DS) Data Synthesis
(F) Forums
(GSC) Governance Subcommittee
(CC) College Council
(C/VC) Chairs and Vice Chairs
(OD) Other Data (e.g. Faculty Survey)
C/VC – Chairs and Vice Chairs of Councils




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