What Happens to GroupWise Resource Accounts?

Many people at Lane have access to GroupWise resource accounts in addition to their own user account. In GroupWise, resource accounts are owned by a single person, identified as the account owner. The account owner can grant other people access to the resource. Gmail resource accounts work in a similar way. Gmail resource accounts have a password assigned by the account owner. The account owner can share the password to allow others to access the account, provide Delegated Access for Gmail, or set access permissions for other users on Google Calendars. Unfortunately, Google does not have a way to share contacts or contact lists with other users. The best way to accomplish contact sharing within the G Suite of tools is to create a Google Sheet that contains the list of contacts and share that sheet with other users. 

The good news is that all of the resource accounts in GroupWise will be migrated to Google G Suite. The bad news is that the sharing has to be recreated using Google Gmail Account Delegation or Google Calendar Sharing. You can find more information about using Google Gmail Account Delegation or Google Calendar Sharing in the Google G Suite learning center. Early in July, before the July 22, 2019 migration date, the GroupWise Migration Team will be emailing additional information to GroupWise resource account owners.  This information will include account credentials for the new resource accounts on Google and instructions on sharing the resource with other users.  

For answers to specific questions, you may also send an email to the Gmail Migration Team at GmailMigrationTeam@lanecc.edu.

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