My Bucket List

Forever grateful are the only words that express how moved I was to experience sooooo many lovely places in France. Although every tour felt rushed, I realize that, had we spent more time in any one place, we would have never been able to visit so many. My bucket list has been revised to include Etretat, Honfleur, Mont Saint Michel, St. Malo, and Place du Tertre/Montmartre…all to be revisited at a leisurely pace…one lifetime is surely still not enough time! I long to kayak in the turquoise waters and walk the cliff-top golf course at Etretat. Waking early Saturday morning, I would sip my latte slowly before delving into Honfleur’s bustling Saturday market to see and taste all the vendors offer. Dining in a restaurant tucked away between Mont St. Michel’s endless meandering cobblestone walkways of shops, I would then explore every nook and cranny of this ancient island fortress. After basking on the white sandy beach, I would wade into the aquamarine waters of St. Malo for a relaxing swim beneath the clear blue skies. Montmartre/Place du Tertre beckons me to study every brush stroke of its artists, to walk its winding cobblestone streets lined with restaurants and shops, and to sway to the music as I listen to the street performers from the steps of Sacre Coeur. If I never return to any of these lovely places, I will still count myself richly blessed to have been able to visit them at all.