Not sure where to start with WordPress?  Here are some links to some handy tutorials…

WordPress Lessons from the folks who make WordPress.  Includes lessons on how to make posts, what tags are, how to format text and more.

60 Brilliant WordPress Tutorials
Want to build a new website, or add something new to your existing one? Then check out these awesome WordPress tutorials… (Their words, not ours.  Your mileage may vary, but the site seems to have a good spread of basic to advanced tutorials.)

Lynda is a paid service with video tutorials.  Generally felt to be very high quality training, they offer far more than just WordPress tutorials.

If you’re a visual learner, but don’t want a pay service like Lynda, YouTube has a ton of video tutorials.

Easy WP Guide
A simple, easy to read WordPress Manual without any talk of programming, creating themes or any other techie stuff.  Just a good, plain-talk manual on how to use WordPress. In order to download it you have to give them your email address, but I have used this manual for years and have never received SPAM email because of it.  Highly recommended.

If you would rather not give them your email address, you can just download my copy here…  This lives in my Lane GDrive and I’m a bit of a packrat when it comes to documentation, so just grab the one with the highest version number (i.e. V4.7) and you’ll have the latest one.  (Spanish version ends in _ES.pdf, but is often not available as soon as the English version. If you need the Spanish version and it’s not there, just check back.)