Guided Pathways Graduating Student Profile – Matt Wakefield

Meet Matt.  This is Matt’s third and last year at Lane and he is graduating with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Programming.  A non-traditional student, he’s spent a good part of his life making art and playing music and found his calling in game development.   He’s completed two internships with companies that produce CGI art.  

In his time at Lane, he’s been the Phi Theta Kappa Chapter President and a tutor.  Both of these opportunities allowed him to connect with students whom he wouldn’t have otherwise.  Tutoring allowed him tohelp other students and he enjoyed the emotions students expressed when they figured out a problem or learned how to do something.  This year Matt attended the Phi Theta Kappa Catalyst Conference in Denver.  He felt this was a good way to end his career at Lane by representing Lane Community College and the PTK Chapter.  

Matt hopes to find a job somewhere in Oregon so he can stay close to his family.  In his time at Lane, he’s received guidance from more people than he could name.  He especially credited the College Success course and faculty for helping him create a solid foundation for his studies.  

Remember that Commencement is Saturday, June 11th. Please come and support Matt and our other graduating students!

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