TIPSS #16 – A Stop-Out Survey — 2 Comments

  1. The data regarding financial aid barriers is consistent with PTA program-level focus group data, which included student perceptions of a lack of responsiveness, communication, and accuracy from our financial aid department.

  2. Christina Howard comment posted June 15th 2017 is remarkably accurate. I am currently enrolled as a student at Lane Community College with over fifty credits completed towards my degree and holding a 3.5 plus GPA. There is a discrepancy in my records of my attempted credits versus my completed credits and the records of enrollment Services and the financial aid department. I have information supporting to my statements that there is incorrect information that is available to me through my grad plan on the degree works program.I have attempted for two terms to have this corrected and have met with little support, very little help in determining who is responsible for this information and how it is recorded. I have also been unable to gain information about how to address the situation to school policy. There are conflicting statements on website when it comes to addressing the policy of informal and formal complaint methods. I have also had a major problem attempting to gather information of Records from departments when I requested them. There is an issue with an instructor and a class from 2011 fall term that if corrected would show that I was never in a position to have my eligibility for financial aid revoked. I have spoke with the instructor my academic advisor the dean of the department three of the enrollment Services department the financial aid department and a student rights and responsibilities officer and have been stopped from proceeding any further with an informal and have missed my opportunity to already have had this come before and academic Review Committee due to passing of the back as I have climbed the chain of procedure during this complaint process. After initially pursuing the changes to be made on my transcript to reflect what I have been provided through my grand plan I have been subject to time and time again preconceived almost practiced responses of a general statement of policy rather than any kind of personal affordance of real help or even attention to my situation. At this point I have nearly given up on Land Community College and and faced with a major amount of debt and the inability to complete my program within a reasonable amount of time without having to devote as much time to attempting get help and support from any Department in the matter that has now for the second time put me on the position that Im faced with losing my rental home due to the lack of access to my financial aid that was partly taken away what I consider to be inaccurate, unreliable, irresponsible and possibly deceptive reporting and recording of my records and have faced what I believe to be retaliation by the Department’s and the staff of those departments and question it has left me with and inability to attend classes, pay my living expenses in order to complete my degree. Although I have the information that has been provided to me through the tools of non-roman services and financial aid department that expressly show the information that I am questioning and a permission granted recording of a conversation with Enrollment Services in February of 2017. It seems to me that if a student can be held accountable for their actions that the staff the faculty employees of the Departments of Land Community College should be too. That’s far I have met with nothing but resistance, belittlement, and what I feel to be avoidance of lanes responsibility to the commitment of Student Success while feeling that I have been dismissed or discarded as just another number of the survey. If anyone at Lane feels that they would like to speak to me about this please feel free to email me at and I will be more than happy to share my experience with you. If anyone at Lane feels they may be of assistance to me please feel free to contact me at the same email although at this point I really have lost faith in Lane Community College.

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