P6 Final Project: My Adventure to Class

By Danielle Hilliard

For my project i chose to tell the visual story of my adventure to class. I thought it would be funny and realistic. My goal for this project is to make people laugh and to share my experience with them. I had a lot of fun filming for this project and i cant wait to further my camera skills and make even better projects in the future. i had trouble using after effects it kept ruining my footage so i just went with using Premiere Pro. I would lime to further my knowledge in these Adobe Creative Cloud programs so I can get better at using them. I tried to add fun sounds such as the bagel chomping sounds to make people laugh. I had to add the footage of the turkeys they just make coming to campus more interesting they are very beautiful creatures, and are fun to film and photograph. I had some difficulties when it came to filming on the same weather days to make the shots line up good, but overall I feel it all worked out well in the end. I am happy with my finished project! I really want to keep making more film projects like this one. I have so many more ideas this is really fun for me. I didn’t realize how much I liked doing this until I took this class.