TIPSS #50: Completion and Retention Rates for New Students

The Guided Pathways TIPSS Team is pleased to present TIPSS #50.  This TIPSS examines completion and retention rates for new students, with pre and post covid ‘lockdown” comparisons.

TIPSS are provided in the hopes of stimulating considerations of, and conversations about, aspects of Lane’s student success data. We encourage thoughtful and reflective discussions with colleagues about various TIPSS topics.

To view and download this and other TIPSS, go to the TIPSS Library.

Also be sure to look at the Guided Pathways Dashboards, which presents Lane’s early momentum metrics.  The dashboards are available to all staff at Lane.  At the above link, open the “Guided Pathways Metrics” tab to find the links to the dashboards.

TIPSS50 Completion and Retention Rates for Studentsl

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