P6 Drag? for a project? Groundbreaking.

by JD Rodejo

A drag video? From a drag queen? SHOCKING. I decided to stick to what I know. I had multiple ideas that didn’t go according to plan so I decided to go back to my passion which is performing. I was still able to incorporate my original ideas, drawing, a bit of stop animation/video and fashion.

I decided to showcase my creative process to one of my biggest looks for my drag. I made the back piece and headpiece from scratch using unconventional materials such as balloon sticks and cardboards. I performed this look to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. I have been enjoying videos with hard transitions so this was such a fun project. I used Adobe premier and Capcut to edit and put the videos together and applied a bit of editing or filter in Adobe Lightroom as I already have the presets saved.

For the reveal of the look, I had a video of my performance that I have added in to complete the project and for me to showcase everything in action. The video was taken at my own show that I produce and host. All videos of me drawing were taken by me and the video of my performance was taken by a friend who gave me the rights for the video.

AD: If you are free on December 8th at 7pm, head to Spectrum Queer Bar(150W Broadway) for Morena’s Hotpot! An all ages show and lipsync competition for new performers.