Let’s Discuss! Announcing our Friday discussion series

drawing of multicolored balloon bundleYou’ve likely already seen this on our Web site or thrilled to the news in the Lane Weekly, but in case you’re a blogs-only kind of person, ta-da! We are announcing an upcoming series of Friday discussions/webinars to help faculty think about the different ways we’re handling online teaching and learning in these weird times.

We’ll meet online from 1-2 p.m. every Friday, starting this week (5/1) for these discussions. Bring your lunch! Or your pet! Or your pet’s lunch (maybe keep that one off camera)!

You’ll see a preview post before each session here, including some good reference material for the topics we’ll cover. If we have slides to share or other content that gets collected during the discussions, we’ll also use this as a place to post those. We’ll be talking about:

  • Remote Teaching (what does it mean, and how is it different/the same)
  • First week/getting started strategies
  • Design and layout to promote student success
  • Building interaction into your course
  • Creating engaging courses
  • Crafting online assessments

So sit back, relax (and if you manage this, let us know how!), and get ready to chat every Friday during Spring term.

Check out the ID services site for Zoom information and the full schedule of events.

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