Academic Freedom: Proposed Policy Changes

The current policy is called “Freedom of Inquiry and Expression.”

The proposed policy below would replace the policy linked above.


Lane Community College serves the community by providing programs of learning that enable students to pursue and achieve their educational and vocational goals. Academic freedom is indispensable to promoting the pursuit of these objectives. Open, scholarly engagement lays the groundwork for students to acquire knowledge and develop intellectual skills. The college is committed to providing an environment that supports independent, critical thought in the pursuit of knowledge. Lane Community College assumes responsibility to protect its scholarly community from internal or external influences that have the effect of placing limitations on academic freedom and the freedom of inquiry. .

INSTRUCTION. In all instructional environments, including classroom, laboratory, and online environments, instructors and students have the right to investigate, present and discuss matters, including those that are controversial, free from institutional restraint and reprisal. Matters brought up in a class should be related to the content of the class or otherwise be educationally relevant as determined by the professional judgment of the instructor.

It is the responsibility of the instructor to maintaini a scholarly environment conducive to achieving the learning outcomes of the course. Instruction should be presented in a manner that shows scholarship fairly and accurately; that acknowledges differing perspectives where appropriate; that cites sources of knowledge; and that differentiates personal views from scholarly supported positions

SCHOLARSHIP. All members of the college community including students, faculty, staff, and administrators are free to conduct research and produce creative work, and to share their work with others within the professional academic standards of accountability.

Only serious abuses of this policy that rise to the level of professional misbehavior or professional incompetence should lead to adverse consequences.  Any such determinations shall be made in accordance with established, formal procedures.

3 thoughts on “Academic Freedom: Proposed Policy Changes

  1. Barbara Breaden

    The only problem I have with this statement is the “adverse consequences” clause. I would prefer to see something like the following:
    Only professional misbehavior or incompetence in violation of established policy shall be considered abuse of an instructor’s academic freedom.

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