Need Help Saving Large Attachments?

The Gmail size limit for email attachments is 25MB ( GroupWise attachments smaller than the Gmail limit will be migrated and remain attached to messages in Gmail. Attachments larger than 25mb will not be migrated.

During the migration to Gmail, attachments larger than 25MB will be extracted to a folder that will be accessible to the user. There won’t be a notation or link to access the detached files within an affected message in Gmail. For that reason, the best course of action for users is to save large attachments outside of GroupWise before the migration. Once files have been saved, they can be deleted from GroupWise.

The links below provide instructions to find and save attachments larger than 25MB (or any size, really) in the desktop GroupWise client. Note that the instructions apply only to the desktop client. GroupWise webmail is not capable of performing these functions.

Click the link to the view instructions that match your operating system:

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