Employee Email is Moving to Google G Suite!

We are pleased to announce that LCC is partnering with Google G Suite for Education to provide employee email and calendars, beginning in summer 2019.

G Suite for Education is a suite of hosted communication and collaboration applications designed for schools and universities. Google provides these applications as a “service,” rather than software to download and install on individual computers. Users access G Suite applications using a web browser on a device that’s connected to the Internet.

Key benefits of G Suite for Education:

  • ability to access email and calendar services from any Internet-connected device
  • much more storage capacity than currently available
  • robust and innovative collaboration and communication tools

Google’s G Suite for Education includes:

  • Gmail (webmail services)
  • Google Docs (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation slides, and form creation and sharing)
  • Google Calendar (shared calendaring)

In the coming weeks, look for additional announcements as we prepare to migrate GroupWise accounts to Gmail and G Suite. Lane’s IT department is working to make this transition as seamless and simple as possible. Your email address won’t change, and you won’t lose any data or saved messages. We’ll be migrating all existing GroupWise email messages, appointments, contacts, and tasks to G Suite. Your Lane email will continue to be the primary method of communication used by the college to send information and updates.

If you’re an employee and have already activated your Lane G Suite account, you’ll access email and calendars using the same account you currently use to access other G Suite products such as Google Drive and Google Docs.

If you are an employee and haven’t yet activated your Lane G Suite account, you can do so now by opening your web browser to https://lanecc.edu/GSuite. Your Lane G Suite account will use your existing Lane email address, and will default to the password associated with your L#. If you do not activate your Lane G Suite account prior to migration, we’ll do it for you.    

More information about G Suite for Education at Lane:


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